No Ego (How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Drama in the workplace, End Entitlement, and Drive Big Results)



  • Check your own ego before you attempt to engage another’s.
  • Be gentle. You want to wake people up, but not by violently shaking them up.
  • Go slowly. Take great care as you disrupt thinking, spur self-reflection, and help people develop the capacity to move more skillfully into reality.
  • Make the call to greatness. Work with those willing to answer that call.
  • Don’t forget: Human potential is limitless. A workplace characterized by consistent creativity, endless innovation, and readiness for what’s next is possible. Peace and happiness in the workplace are achievable. As emotional waste is eliminated, work becomes less effortful and more joyful. Use some of that recaptured energy to celebrate accomplishment and great results.
  • Summon up all the compassion you can. We are human. Any of us, at any time, has the ability to move into ego. You will screw this up, but only every day. Forgive yourself. It’s a practice. Try again.
  • Forgive others early and often. Don’t be afraid of the do-over. When you notice the times you could have been better, be transparent: “I reflected on our conversation yesterday and realized that I let you down as a leader. I colluded with you instead of helping you get to a No Ego Moment. I’m sorry. What I wish I had done is this.… Can we try again?”